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Much of the beauty and heritage of Bosque County is closely entwined with its abundant water-ways -- the Bosque and Brazos Rivers and two lakes, Meridian and Whitney. The county's distinctive pathways reflect its history -- the Cleng Peerson Memorial Highway, the Old Chisholm Trail, the Santa Fe Railroad, and the Texas Lakes Trail.

Early Spanish explorers bestowed the name Bosque (pronounced boss-kee) meaning "wooded." The first survey for land grants in the Bosque Valley came about in 1839. In 1849, a few years after Texas attained statehood, the first permanent settlers arrived to a territory still roamed by Native Americans. By 1854, the number of settlers living in Bosque Territory had increased, and Bosque County was created. Meridian was named the County seat.

Lured by fertile, inexpensive land, more settlers came -- mostly Anglo-Americans moving west with the frontier, and Norwegian and German immigrants. The pioneer farmers and ranchers were industrious and creative. They built homes, churches and schools, mills for their wheat, gins for their cotton, and produced a thriving livestock business. Bustling communities sprang up, and small towns flourished through the turn of the century. As America changed, so did Bosque County.

The beauty of Bosque County is still abundant, and the spirit of the pioneers has remained. Much of the proud heritage has been preserved to share and enjoy, and more has been added. As we enter a new century, we invite you to experience the pleasures of Bosque County --yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's.

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