On-Site Sewage Facility Permits

110 South Main

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For more information, please refer to the Bosque County Courthouse County Judges Office, Room 100.

Bosque County Environmental assists  citizens in issues/concerns and processes On-Site Sewage Facilities permit application forms.

  • On-Site Sewage Facilities:
    • All Construction of, Alteration, Extension or Repair to, On-Site Sewage Facilities shall be permitted and inspected, regardless of the size of the tract of land.
    • An OSSF Permit is required for all systems unless it was 'Grandfathered' which means it was installed before September 1, 1989.

Download Application for On-Site Sewage Facility
TCEQ-0235(rev 09/01/2011)

Download List of Area Installers / Evaluators

Partial List of TCEQ Evaluater / Installers / Maintenance Providers


Indigent Health Care Program


Bob Flood, Indigent Health Coordinator

P.O. Box 647

500 Hwy. 174

Meridian, TX 76665

What is the Indigent Health Care Program?

Under Chapter 61 of the Health and safety Code a county that is not fully served by a hospital district or public hospital is responsible for administering a county indigent health care program (CHIHCP) for eligible residents. The Texas Department of Health (TDH) is mandated to develop the policies and procedures for counties to use in determining eligibility based on the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Program. TDH defines covered services and establishes payment rates.

Who is Eligible?

Bosque County Indigent Health Care serves residents of Bosque County that intend to remain there. Income and resource limits must be met before eligibility is made. Counties are required to cover individuals with countable income equal to or less than 21% of the federal poverty income limits. Household resources may not exceed $2,000.00 (or $3,000.00 if a relative who is aged or disabled lives with the household.)
Family Size                 21% of FPIL
1                                       $196.00
2                                      $265.00
3                                      $335.00
4                                      $404.00
5                                      $473.00
No Job

Services Provided

County programs must provide the basic health care services as defined in Chapter 61. All services must be medically necessary. Some services include: primary care, immunizations, inpatient and outpatient hospital services, lab and x-ray, skilled nursing facilities and three prescriptions per month. However, durable medical equipment, home health care, counseling, emergency transportation, dental and vision are all services that are not covered through the program.

Application for Assistance

Bosque County residents who are having difficulty paying for medical bills because of low or no medical insurance coverage and limited financial resources should consider the possibility of assistance through the Bosque County Indigent Health Care Program. If eligible, the individual may be able to receive assistance with inpatient and outpatient medical expenses.

Emergency Management


Chris Anderson

Emergency Management Coordinator

611 F Street
P O Box 647, Meridian, TX 76665

Mission Statement

The Bosque County Office of Emergency Management (BCOEM) serves the citizens of Bosque County by directing and coordinating emergency management programs to prevent/mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

Program Vision

The Bosque County Office of Emergency Management’s vision is to continue to be a leading edge, all-hazards emergency management and homeland security program that encompasses all organizations in the public and private sectors. This includes citizens; government agencies at the city, county, regional, state, and federal levels; school boards; businesses (small and corporate),
faith-based; and volunteer agencies.

Our program coordinates the comprehensive community planning, training, and exercises needed to ensure maximum efficiency and benefit from hazard prevention / mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery in order to protect lives and property in Bosque County. Our program will be professional, responsive, and shall strive to address all the needs of the citizens of Bosque County.


What is Emergency Management?

The Bosque County Office of Emergency Management (BCOEM) serves the residents of Bosque County in four main ways:


Emergency-Management-CycleThe OEM maintains the Basic Emergency Operations Plan and twenty-two annexes covering everything from public warning to terrorism incident response. OEM also participates in regional planning efforts with the 6-county council of governments, Heart of Texas Council of Governments.

Another piece of what we do during the "ready state" is preparing our residents for disasters. This website and our Facebook page is one way we prepare the public with vital information. Another way we do this is through training classes offered as part of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. CERT classes are offered regularly and are open for anybody to attend.


When disaster strikes Bosque County the OEM coordinates the response and provides critical resources to the responders in the field. We leave the hands-on tactics to the professionals in the field: your local firefighters, police officers and EMTs. We work directly with them to ensure they have everything they need.


When the news trucks are gone and the dust has settled, OEM is still working hard. Recovery is the long, slow, and critical process of getting our community back on its feet. Our role in recovery includes, but isn't limited to: helping the community get recovery grants, helping residents file claims, and getting reimbursements for all the agencies involved in the response.


Mitigation is a big word for a simple concept: make sure that if disaster happens again, it hurts us less. This means everything from pre-staging response and recovery assets, to ensuring our levees are stronger and safer. You also play a critical role in the mitigation efforts by buying storm-resistant windows, having a tornado shelter, and trimming your tree limbs over your house.

Personnel Resources

Courthouse 110 South Main Street
Cindy Vanlandingham - Court Coordinator Carla Broome - Assistant Auditor
TAC - W/C Claims - New Hires & Separations Employee Benefits - FMLA - Payroll Changes
254-435-6621 254-435-6652
cindyv@bosquecounty.us carlab@bosquecounty.us
PO BOX 647
FAX 254-442-8018

All employment with Bosque County shall be considered "at will" employment. No contract of employment shall exist between any individual and Bosque County for any duration, either specified or unspecified. No provision of this employee handbook shall be construed as modifying your employment at will status. Bosque County shall have the right to terminate the employment of any employee for any legal reason, or no reason, at any time either with or without notice. However, under no circumstances will an employee’s constitutional rights be violated in the process.

Bosque County shall also have the right to change any condition, benefit, policy, or privilege of employment at any time, with or without notice. Employees of Bosque County shall have the right to leave their employment with the County at any time, with or without notice.

Bosque County is an equal opportunity employer. The county will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, genetic information, pregnancy, veteran status, and disability, or any other condition or status protected by law in hiring, promotion, demotion, raises, termination, training, discipline, use of employee facilities or programs, or any other benefit, condition, or privilege of employment except where required by state or federal law or where a bona fide occupational qualification exists. If an employee needs an accommodation as a result of a condition or status protected by law, please advise the Personnel Resources Department.

Policies and Procedures

FMLA Poster English

FMLA Poster Spanish

2018 Medicare Notice

Exchange Notice for Eligible Employees


Employment Opportunities

Temporary Position During Elections

Job Application

Job Application

**Job application is in a PDF file format. For best viewing experience, use of a PDF compatible software is recommended. Please print, sign and return completed application to the designated office.

Job Descriptions


Employee Notifications

Employee Handbook

Employee Information

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Bosque County Benefits

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County Auditor


Bosque County Auditor

 104 W. Morgan

P. O. Box 647
Meridian, TX 76665

Email: auditor@auditor220.org

Kent Reeves, County Auditor

Robin Hamilton,  Assistant Auditor

Carla Broome, Assistant Auditor

Duties and Responsibilities of the County Auditor

The County Auditor is appointed by the District Judge. The Auditor serves as a check on the financial operations of other county offices, has certain financial accounting and record keeping responsibilities and assists the County Judge in preparation of the budget.

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