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pooltexasDon Pool, County Judge 

Bosque County Judge

110 South Main, Room 100

P O Box 647

Meridian, TX 76665

Office: 254-435-2382 - Ext 6


Cindy Vanlandingham,  Administrative Assistant & Insurance Pool Coordinator

Pamela Browning, Office Assistant

About the County Judge's Office

The County Judge is frequently the most visible official in county government. Often thought of as the county's chief executive officer, a County Judge has broad judicial and administrative powers, including serving as the presiding officer of the county's policy-making body, the Commissioners Court. Referred to as "chief justice" by early Texas constitutions, the current office of County Judge was established by the Texas Constitution of 1876.

County Judges are elected on a countywide basis. Originally, the term of office for this position was two years, but in 1954 the Texas Constitution was amended to increase the term of office to four years. Article V Sections 15-18 of the Texas Constitution contain the legal basis for the office of County Judge as we know it today:

There shall be established in each county in this state a County Court, which shall be a court of record; and there shall be elected in each county, by the qualified voters, a County Judge, who shall be well informed in the law of the state; shall be a conservator of the peace; and shall hold off for four years, and until his successor shall be elected and qualified...

Although they must be well informed in the law, there is no requirement for County Judges to have a formal legal education or a license to practice law. After election, however, County Judges are required to attain 30 hours of judicial education during their first term in office and 16 hours every year thereafter in order to remain up-to-date regarding new laws and procedures related to their judicial responsibilities. A Constitutional County Judge is exempt from the continuing judicial education requirement for any fiscal year for which the County Judge files an affidavit with the registrar stating that the County Judge does not perform judicial functions.

In most counties, the County Judge presides over the constitutional county court. While responsibilities vary from county to county, a County Judge may consider criminal, civil, probate, juvenile and mental competency matters and has appellate jurisdiction over matters arising from the justice courts. In some counties, county courts at law have been created with separate judges to relieve the County Judge of some or all of the judicial duties of the office.

The County Judge is the presiding officer of the Commissioners Court and is required by law to perform this function when present. In the County Judge's absence, any commissioner may preside over the court. It is incumbent upon the County Judge to carefully abide by statues that require meetings of governmental bodies be open to the public.

The Judge is also a voting member of the Commissioners Court and works with the other four members of the court to approve the county budget and exercise administrative authority over county government operations.

County Judges do not have autonomous authority to set the business of the Commissioners Court or decide what motions will be heard; the entire court makes these decisions. 

A major responsibility of the Commissioners Court related to the setting of the county budget. The County Judge serves are the budget officer of the Commissioners Court. During budget development, the County Judge and the Commissioners consider the funding necessary for the other county offices to carry out their duties.

County Commissioners Courts are responsible for many other functions, including:

  • supervising the control of the county courthouse, county building and facilities;
  • determining county tax rates;
  • filling vacancies in most elected and appointed positions;
  • building and maintaining county roads and bridges;
  • canvassing election returns; and
  • letting contracts in the name of the county.

County Judges perform a wide range of other administrative duties. These responsibilities include conducting hearings for beer and wine applications, calling elections, posting elections notices and overseeing election recounts. The County Judge also serves as the county's emergency management director and has the authority to designate an emergency management coordinator to serve as an assistant for emergency management issues.

The County Judge also represents the County at ceremonial occasions and on various boards and committees such as regional council of governments. 

The broad range of responsibilities of County Judge makes this office a very important one in county government.

From: Texas County Progress - Special Edition - Courthouse Primer

District Clerk


Juanita Miller, District Clerk


Office of the District Clerk

110 South Main, Room 209
P O Box 674

Meridian, TX 76665


Susan Baker, Chief Deputy Clerk
Estella Green, Deputy District Clerk
Mary Best, Records Preservation Clerk




Bosque County District Clerk's Office now accepts E-Filing. Please visit for more information.

E-File Business Process

**Mandatory E-file July 1, 2016-for Attorneys***if you come to office with paperwork you will be asked to e-file***


Duties and Responsibilities of the District Clerk
The District Clerk is the Clerk to the 220th Judicial District Court and County Court At Law
The District Court hears Civil (over $100,000) property tax cases, cases involving trust, felony criminal cases, and domestic relation matters which include divorces, annulments, adoptions, receiving and distributing child support payments.
The County Court at Law hears Civil (under $200,000), domestic relation matters which include divorces, annulments, adoptions, CPS, and juveniles.
The District Clerk also participates in the jury wheel, reconstitution jury wheels, certifying jury lists, and arranging for juries.
The District Clerk does not handle passports those are referred to local post office.

Pay District Clerk Fees Online

No personal checks accepted
Only money orders, cashier checks, exact amount due



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County Clerk


Tab Ferguson, County Clerk

 Bosque County Clerks Office

P O Box 617,
110 South Main, Room 110
Meridian, TX 76665

254-435-2201 - Real Property and Vital Statistics

 254-435-6606 - Court Records

 Office Hours - Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Tabatha Ferguson, County Clerk

Rosy Perez, Chief Deputy Clerk

Vicky Turner, Deputy

Sandra Wallis, Deputy



Duties and Responsibilities of the County Clerk

The County Clerk is the Clerk for the County Courts, including Probate Court and the Commissioners Court. The County Clerk files, indexes and records all legal documents filed for record.

You may obtain your marriage license from this office along with certified copies of birth and death records and also assumed name (DBA) certificates.

$26.00 for the first page, $4.00 for each additional page per document

Bosque County Land Records are available online from 1984 to current

Search tips for idocmarket:

For searches by name -  enter Last name first then first name, do not use commas or puncuation 

Search example - Doe John

For searches by Volume and Page - fields must be 5 digits

Search example  - (Vol) 00123 (Page) 00045

For searches by Instrument Number - enter the year document was recorded, hyphen, enter 5 digit instrument number

Search example - 2017-001234

Bosque County Commissioners Court Minutes are available online 

Commissioners Court Minutes


Bosque County Clerk's Office now accepts E-Filing. Please visit for more information.

Mandatory E-file Starting July 1, 2016

Foreclosure Notices are available online - Click to view Foreclosure Notices


When do sales take place?

The sale is held the 1st Tuesday of every month.  The time(s) of the sales are indicated on each notice.

Where are the sales held?

Foreclosure postings and sales will take place at the outside steps of the East door of the Bosque County Courthouse, 110 South Main, Meridian Tx.

Does your office post foreclosures at the courthouse?

Yes.  We post the required copy in the County Clerk’s Office, on the website and on the bulletin board.

What is the cost for posting a foreclosure notice?

Foreclosure posting cost are $3.00 per notice.

Do you file stamp notice copies?

Yes.  There is no charge if the copy is brought in by the customer.

Who conducts the sale(s)?

The trustee acting on behalf of the lender is the one who conducts the sales.

Where can I find out which properties will be sold?

Notices of all properties to be sold can be viewed 24 hours a day on the Bosque County website.  The notices may also be viewed on the bulletin board located in the East hallway of the Courthouse.

When are notices posted?

All notices for the sales must be posted 21 days prior to the sale.

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