Sub Division Map Street Name Road or Location
Valley Mills 10th Street Valley Mills
City of Kopperl S1833 11th Street CR 1246
City of Kopperl S1833 11th Street FM 56
Clifton 11th Street Clifton
Valley Mills 11th Street Valley Mills
City of Kopperl S1833 13th Street CR 1235
Clifton 13th Street Clifton
Clifton 15th Street Clifton
Clifton 17th Street Clifton
Clifton 19th Street Clifton
Meridian 1st Street Meridian
Valley Mills 1st Street Valley Mills
Clifton 21st Street Clifton
Clifton 23rd Street Clifton
Clifton 2nd Street Clifton
Meridian 2nd Street Meridian
S2003 Mooney Village 2nd Street CR 1302
Steel Creek Acres S1869 2nd Street CR 1302
Valley Mills 2nd Street Valley Mills
Clifton 3rd Street Clifton
Meridian 3rd Street Meridian
Valley Mills 3rd Street Valley Mills
Valley Mills 4th Street Valley Mills
Clifton 5th Street Clifton
Valley Mills 5th Street Valley Mills
Valley Mills 6th Street Valley Mills
Clifton 7th Street Clifton
Meridian 7th Street Meridian
Valley Mills 8th Street Valley Mills
Clifton 9th Street Clifton
Valley Mills 9th Street Valley Mills
Meridian A Street Meridian
Morgan Alexander Street Morgan
S2018 Pop Samples Alley CR 1425
Clifton Alpha Street Clifton
Deep Water Harbor Rev S1930 Anchor Drive CR 1745
Mesa Grande S2001 Andy Road PR 1212
Laguna Park Apple Lane CR 1732
The Canyons S1918 Arthor Lane CR 1513
The Canyons S1918 Atrella Lane CR 1536
The Canyons S1918 Atrelle Drive CR 1536
Walnut Springs Auenue A Walnut Springs
Morgan Austin Street Morgan
Walnut Springs Austin Street Walnut Springs
City of Kopperl S1833 Avenue A CR 1236
Clifton Avenue A Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue A Valley Mills
City of Kopperl S1833 Avenue B CR 1240
Clifton Avenue B Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue B Valley Mills
Walnut Springs Avenue B Walnut Springs
City of Kopperl S1833 Avenue C FM 1859
Clifton Avenue C Clifton
Clifton Avenue D Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue D Valley Mills
Walnut Springs Avenue D Walnut Springs
City of Kopperl S1833 Avenue E CR 1247
Clifton Avenue E Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue E Valley Mills
City of Kopperl S1833 Avenue F CR 1250
Clifton Avenue F Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue F Valley Mills
City of Kopperl S1833 Avenue G CR 1241
Clifton Avenue G Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue G Valley Mills
Clifton Avenue H Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue H Valley Mills
Clifton Avenue I Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue I Valley Mills
Clifton Avenue J Clifton
Clifton Avenue J Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue J Valley Mills
Clifton Avenue K Clifton
Valley Mills Avenue K Valley Mills
Clifton Avenue L Clifton
Clifton Avenue M Clifton
Clifton Avenue N Clifton
Clifton Avenue O Clifton
Clifton Avenue P Clifton
Clifton Avenue Q Clifton
Clifton Avenue R Clifton
Clifton Avenue S Clifton
Clifton Avenue T Clifton
Clifton Avenue U Clifton
Clifton Avenue V Clifton
Clifton Avenue W Clifton
Clifton Avenue X Clifton
Clifton Avenue Y Clifton
Clifton Avenue Z Clifton
Meridian B Street Meridian
S2003 Mooney Village Barnes Drive CR 1296
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Barnes Drive CR 1296
Laguna Park Barnes Lane CR 1740
S2036 Shore Acres Barnes Lane CR 1740A
S2054 Shore Acres Barnes Lane CR 1740
Walnut Springs Barry Street Walnut Springs
S2003 Mooney Village Barton Avenue CR 1296
Meridian Bateman Street Meridian
Meridian Baxter Lane Meridian
Lakeside Village S1987 Bayview CR 1277
Beachland S1900 Beachloop Road CR 1768
The Canyons S1918 Beachview Court CR 1544
Mesa Grande S2001 Bee Road PR 1211
Lakeside Village Addn S1990 Benmar Lane CR 1286
Morgan Bertha Street Morgan
Big Rocky Point S1909 Big Rocky Point Drive CR 1704
Cranfills Gap Birch Street Cranfills Gap
Clifton Bishop Street Clifton
Deep Water Harbor S1927 Black Bass Lane CR 1723
S2036 Shore Acres Black Bass Lane CR 1723
Laguna Park Bluebonnet CR 1718
S1981 Lakeline Acres Bluebonnet Lane CR 1626
Laguna Park Boat Dock Road CR 1761
Mesa Grande S2001 Bob Road PR 1210
Iredell Bosque Street Iredell
Meridian Bosque Street Meridian
Deep Water Harbor Rev S1930 Bosque Trail CR 1766
S2003 Mooney Village Bowen No Street
Deep Water Harbor S1927 Bowie Trail CR 1753
Deep Water Harbor S1927 Boyer Lane CR 1731
Meridian Brice Street Meridian
Meridian Broadway Street Meridian
Cranfills Gap Bronstad Street Cranfills Gap
S1981 Lakeline Acres Brook Lane CR 1631
Iredell Brown Street Iredell
The Canyons S1918 Bruce Lane CR 1510
S1969 Laguna Park Bryant Street CR 1813
Valley Mills Buffalo Country Valley Mills
Valley Mills Buffalo Run Valley Mills
Valley Mills Butler Drive Valley Mills
Meridian C Street Meridian
Beachland S1900 Cactus Drive CR 1772
Iredell Callahan Street Iredell
Morgan Camp Street Morgan
S1940 Ghosty Canyon Canyon Road CR 1409
S2018 Pop Samples Canyon Road CR 1409
The Canyons S1918 Cardinal Court CR 1524
The Canyons S1918 Cardinal Lane CR 1524
Walnut Springs Cave Avenue Walnut Springs
S2018 Pop Samples Cedar Alley CR xxxx
Greenwood Rev S1942 Cedar Loop CR 1765
S2020 Pop Samples Cedar Road CR 1423
The Canyons S1918 Cedarhill Court CR 1543
The Canyons S1918 Ceder Shores Drive CR 1523
Clifton Center Clifton
Highland Park Est S1820 Center Lane CR 3585
Lakewood Harbor Village S1996 Central Park Drive PR 1604
Big Rocky Point S1909 Channel Cat Road CR 1700
Morgan Charles Street Morgan
Laguna Park Cheney Lane CR 1705
Big Rocky Camp S1906  Chevyland Drive CR 1710
Laguna Park Chris Craft PR 1759
S1940 Ghosty Canyon Ciyitan Drive CR 1433
The Canyons S1918 Clark Lane CR 1515
Valley Mills Clear Creek Valley Mills
Meridian Cleveland Street Meridian
Cliff Oaks S1805 Cliff Heights Road CR 4265
Laguna Park Cliffview CR 1802
Cranfills Gap Clifton Street Cranfills Gap
S1940 Ghosty Canyon Clole Road CR 1426
S2018 Pop Samples Cole Road CR 1426
Iredell Comanche Street Iredell
Meridian Concrete Circle Meridian
Meridian Concrete Street Meridian
Deep Water Harbor Rev S1930 Cope Avenue CR 1728
Valley Mills County Road Valley Mills
The Canyons S1918 Courtland Drive CR 1503
Cranfills Gap Cranfill Street Cranfills Gap
S2036 Shore Acres Crappie Trail CR 1744
Cliff Oaks S1805 Crest Drive PR 4264
Valley Mills Cresthill Circle Valley Mills
Clifton Crestview Drive Clifton
Deep Water Harbor S1927 Crocket Trail CR 1751
Highland Park Est S1820 Cross Road CR 3590
Morgan Cureton Street Morgan
Meridian D Place Meridian
Meridian D Street Meridian
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Daisy Street CR 1313
Walnut Springs Dallas Street Walnut Springs
Mesa Grande S2001 David Road PR 1215
Laguna Park Debbie Lane CR 1808
Delmar Lodge S1933 Delmar Street CR 1816
Walnut Springs Denmark Street Walnut Springs
Walnut Springs Dickson Avenue Walnut Springs
Meridian E Street Meridian
Iredell Eastland Street Iredell
Valley Mills Easy Street Valley Mills
Mesa Grande S2001 Ed Road PR 1208
Lakeside Village S1987 Edgewood CR 1277
S1969 Laguna Park El Paso Street CR 1821
Morgan Elizabeth Street Morgan
Clifton Elm Clifton
Laguna Park Elm Drive CR 1800
Mesa Grande S2001 Elm Road PR 1216
S2020 Pop Samples Elm Road CR 1422
The Canyons S1918 Elmwood Drive CR 1522
Morgan Elsie Street Morgan
Morgan Emily Street Morgan
Iredell Erath Street Iredell
Meridian Erath Street Meridian
Highland Park Est S1820 Evans Lane CR 3570
Highland Park Est S1820 Evans Lane CR 3592
Laguna Park Evinrude Drive PR 1756
Meridian F Street Meridian
Cranfills Gap Fifth Street Cranfills Gap
Iredell Fifth Street Iredell
Walnut Springs Finland Street Walnut Springs
Laguna Park First Lane CR 1801
Beachland S1900 First Street CR 1770
Cranfills Gap First Street Cranfills Gap
Iredell First Street Iredell
S2003 Mooney Village First Street PR 1301
Laguna Park Fisherman Road CR 1701
Clifton Flora Clifton
Lakeside Village Addn S1990 Forrest Lane CR 1287
Laguna Park Forth Lane CR 1807
Cranfills Gap Forth Street Cranfills Gap
Iredell Fourth Street Iredell
Morgan Fowler Street Morgan
Walnut Springs France Street Walnut Springs
Morgan Frances Styreet Morgan
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Freddy Street PR 1318
Meridian Fuller Street Meridian
Meridian Funeral Home Drive Meridian
Highland Park Est S1820 Furlong Way CR 3570
Highland Park Est S1820 Furlong Way CR 3580
Meridian G Street Meridian
The Canyons S1918 Garver Lane CR 1516
Walnut Springs Germany Street Walnut Springs
The Canyons S1918 Glendale Drive CR 1525
Lakeside Village S1987 Glengary Circle CR 1279
Lakeside Village Addn S1990 Glennwood Lane CR 1285
S2036 Shore Acres Gloff Lane CR 1738
Deep Water Harbor Rev S1930 Gordon Lane PR 1729
Laguna Park Gordon Lane CR 1729
S1969 Laguna Park Grande Street CR 1812
Valley Mills Green Meadow Circle Valley Mills
Walnut Springs Greenland Street Walnut Springs
S1981 Lakeline Acres Greenwade Drive CR 1624
Beachland S1900 Greenwood Loop CR 1763
Greenwood Rev S1942 Greenwood Loop CR 1767
Meridian H Street Meridian
Clifton Hackberry Street Clifton
Cranfills Gap Hamilton Street Cranfills Gap
Iredell Hamilton Street Iredell
Meridian Hamilton Street Meridian
Meridian Hannah Road Meridian
Deep Water Harbor Rev S1930 Hardor Drive CR 1746
Laguna Park Harold Road CR 1708
Morgan Harris Street Morgan
The Canyons S1918 Hauco Lane CR 1514
Walnut Springs Hawley Avenue Walnut Springs
Cranfills Gap Hico Street Cranfills Gap
Highland Park Est S1820 Highland Parkway CR 3575
Walnut Springs Hill Avenue Walnut Springs
Meridian Hill Street Meridian
Clifton Hillside Drive Clifton
S2018 Pop Samples Hillside Drive CR 1430
Lakeside Village S1987 Hilltop CR 1282
Iredell Hood Street Iredell
Laguna Park Horto Lane CR 1735
Meridian Houston Street Meridian
Morgan Houston Street Morgan
Walnut Springs Houston Street Walnut Springs
The Canyons S1918 Hugo Lane CR 1514
Morgan Hutchinson Street Morgan
Meridian I Street Meridian
Walnut Springs Italy Street Walnut Springs
Meridian J Street Meridian
Glen Shores S1939 Jane Drive CR 1609
The Canyons S1918 Jay Lane CR 1508
S1969 Laguna Park Jeans Street CR 1814
The Canyons S1918 Jessie Lane CR 1537
Morgan John Street Morgan
S2003 Mooney Village Johnson Avenue CR 1300
Clifton Julie Street Clifton
Meridian K Street Meridian
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Karin Street PR 1317
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Kent Street PR 1313
Walnut Springs Kentucky Street Walnut Springs
Iredell Kidd Street Iredell
The Canyons S1918 Kirbie Lane CR 1516
Clifton Knoll Drive Clifton
Clifton Krueger Street Clifton
S1981 Lakeline Acres Lakeline Drive CR 1630
The Canyons S1918 Lakeplaza Court CR 1541
The Canyons S1918 Lakeshore Drive CR 1526
The Canyons S1918 Lakeview Circle CR 1530
The Canyons S1918 Lakeview Drive CR 1528
Lakeside Village S1987 Lakeway CR 1280
Lakewood Harbor Village S1996 Lakewood Drive PR 1605
Meridian Lane Street Meridian
S1969 Laguna Park Las Cruces Strees CR 1811
Morgan Laura Street Morgan
S2036 Shore Acres Lawson Lane CR 1730
Deep Water Harbor Rev S1930 Leon Drive CR 1722
S2036 Shore Acres Leon Drive CR 1722
S2018 Pop Samples Live Oak CR 1428
Walnut Springs Live Oak Avenue Walnut Springs
Beachland S1900 Live Oak Drive CR 1773
S2020 Pop Samples Live Oak Road CR 1421
Clifton Live Oak Street Clifton
Meridian Live Oak Street Meridian
Valley Mills Live Oak Street Valley Mills
Deep Water Harbor Rev S1930 Loma Verde CR 1764
Morgan Louise Street Morgan
S1969 Laguna Park Lucky Street CR 1818
Meridian Lumpkin Street Meridian
Laguna Park Main Drag West CR 1803
Mesa Grande S2001 Main Road CR 1213
Meridian Main Street Meridian
Clifton Maple Street Clifton
Cranfills Gap Maple Street Cranfills Gap
The Canyons S1918 March Circle CR 1512
The Canyons S1918 March Circle - Perry Drive CR 1511
The Canyons S1918 March Plaza CR 1512
Morgan Margaret Street Morgan
Laguna Park Mark Twain Drive CR 1758
The Canyons S1918 Marlboro Court CR 1505
Morgan Marshall Street Morgan
Valley Mills Mary Alice Drive Valley Mills
S1981 Lakeline Acres Mary E Avenue CR 1627
Clifton Mary Street Clifton
Morgan Mary Street Morgan
Iredell McLain Street Iredell
Iredell Meadow Street Iredell
Glen Shores S1939 Melanie Drive CR 1620
The Canyons S1918 Meridian Drive CR 1519
Cranfills Gap Meridian Street Cranfills Gap
Iredell Meridian Street Iredell
The Canyons S1918 Merryhill Drive CR 1539
Iredell Mill Street Iredell
The Canyons S1918 Minerva Drive CR 1529
Morgan Minnie Street Morgan
Meridian Mocassin Drive Meridian
S2003 Mooney Village Mooney Drive CR 1296
Clifton Moore Street Clifton
Meridian Morgan Street Meridian
Cranfills Gap Mustang Street Cranfills Gap
Clifton Myrtle Street Clifton
S2042 Shore Acres Nob Hill Drive CR 1717
Cranfills Gap Norway Street Cranfills Gap
Walnut Springs Norway Street Walnut Springs
Valley Mills Nuff Drive Valley Mills
Clifton Oak Crest Clifton
S1981 Lakeline Acres Oak Lane CR 1625
Clifton Oak Ridge Clifton
Mesa Grande S2001 Oak Road PR 1214
Cranfills Gap Oak Street Cranfills Gap
The Canyons S1918 Oakcrest Drive CR 1513
Lakeside Village S1987 Oakdale CR 1281
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Oak's Street CR 1303
Clifton Olsen Blvd Clifton
Lakeside Village S1987 Overlook CR 1284
Valley Mills Overlook Road Valley Mills
Clifton Park Street Clifton
Iredell Parks Street Iredell
The Canyons S1918 Parkview Court CR 1504
Clifton Pecan Avenue Clifton
Meridian Pecan Hill Street Meridian
Clifton Pecan Street Clifton
Meridian Pecan Street Meridian
The Canyons S1918 Perry Drive CR 1511
Cranfills Gap Pine Street Cranfills Gap
S2018 Pop Samples Post Oak Road CR 1427
The Canyons S1918 Price Lane CR 1520
The Canyons S1918 Primrose Drive CR 1526
Laguna Park Putman Circle CR 1774
Morgan Quintaro Street Morgan
Valley Mills Rabbit Run Valley Mills
Morgan Railroad Street Morgan
S1981 Lakeline Acres Ralph J Avenue CR 1629
Laguna Park Red Ear Loop CR 1739
Greenwood Rev S1942 Redbird Drive CR 1765A
S2071 The Ridge Ridge Drive PR 1500A
Clifton Ridgeview Clifton
Laguna Park Ridgewood CR 1806
Meridian River Street Meridian
Valley Mills Rivercrest Valley Mills
Clifton Riverside Drive Clifton
S1975 Laguna Park #2 Riverside Drive CR 3602
The Canyons S1918 Riviera Drive CR 1545
The Canyons S1918 Riviera Lane CR 1547
The Canyons S1918 Riviera Place CR 1546
The Canyons S1918 Riviera Plaza CR 1546
Laguna Park Rocky Creek CR 1716
Meridian Rosebud Street Meridian
The Canyons S1918 Rosilee Drive CR 1502
Walnut Springs Ross Street Walnut Springs
Meridian Rudasill Street Meridian
Laguna Park Russel CR 1817
S1969 Laguna Park Russel Street PR 1817
Walnut Springs Russell Street Walnut Springs
S2020 Pop Samples Sample Road CR 1424
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Sandra Street PR 1316
S1969 Laguna Park Santa Rosa Street CR 1809
The Canyons S1918 Scenic Drive CR 1500
The Canyons S1918 Scenic Drive CR 1501
The Canyons S1918 Scofield Drive CR 1509
Morgan Sealy Street Morgan
S2036 Shore Acres Seaman Lane CR 1741
Valley Mills Sears Drive Valley Mills
Beachland S1900 Second Street CR1769
Cranfills Gap Second Street Cranfills Gap
Iredell Second Street Iredell
Laguna Park Second Street CR 1769
S1969 Laguna Park Secunda Street CR 1810
Lakeside Village S1987 Shady Lane PR 1276
Morgan Shepherd Street Morgan
Beachland S1900 Shore Acres Drive CR 1743
Lakeside Village S1987 Shoreline CR 1277
Lakewood Harbor Village S1996 Shoreline Drive CR 1605
Lakewood Harbor Village S1996 Shoreline Drive PR 1602
Lakewood Harbor Village S1996 Shoreline Drive PR 1603
Meridian Short Meridian
Iredell Short Street Iredell
The Canyons S1918 Skyview Circle CR 1542
Valley Mills Sleepy Hollow Valley Mills
Walnut Springs Spain Street Walnut Springs
Laguna Park Star Fire CR 1759
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Stella Street PR 1319
Iredell Sumervill Street Iredell
S2036 Shore Acres Sunfish Drive CR 1733
Clifton Sunset Avenue Clifton
The Canyons S1918 Sunset Drive CR 1540
Walnut Springs Sweden Street Walnut Springs
The Canyons S1918 Texann Drive CR 1518
Walnut Springs Texas Street Walnut Springs
Laguna Park Third Lane CR 1804/2 ?
Cranfills Gap Third Street Cranfills Gap
Iredell Third Street Iredell
Deep Water Harbor S1927 Three fingers CR 1741
Laguna Park Three Fingers Road CR 1747
Valley Mills Tibbs Drive Valley Mills
Lakeside Village S1987 Timberline CR 1283
Mesa Grande S2001 Tom Road PR 1207
Clifton Tyssen Street Clifton
Laguna Park Uncle Gus Lodge CR 1715
S1849 River Valley Estates Valley Lane CR 3120
Big Rocky Camp S1906  Villiage Drive CR 1719
Meridian Vine Street Meridian
Morgan Virginia Street Morgan
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Virginia Street PR 1320
S2003 Mooney Village Wade Avenue CR 1299
Walnut Springs Walnut Avenue Walnut Springs
Clifton Walnut Street Clifton
Walnut Springs Water Street Walnut Springs
Steel Creek Acres S1869 Wayne's Lane CR 1309
The Canyons S1918 Wedgewood Place CR 1500
Valley Mills Westside Drive Valley Mills
Laguna Park Whippoorwill Road CR 1709
Clifton White Street Clifton
Laguna Park Whites Lane CR 1740A
S2036 Shore Acres Whites Lane CR 1743
Morgan Whitney Street Morgan
The Canyons S1918 Winsdor Drive CR 1527
The Canyons S1918 Woodlawn Drive CR 1506
Lakeside Village Addn S1990 Woodline Drive CR 1275
S2036 Shore Acres Yellow Cat Lane CR 1737