Ashley Browning, 911 Addressing Coordinator

Bosque County 911 Addressing Coordinator

P O Box 647

500 Hwy. 174

Meridian, TX 76665


Duties and Responsibilities of the 911 Addressing Coordinator

The county Addressing Coordinator's duties include assigning all new addresses within the county jurisdiction (city addresses are assigned by the cities), GIS point-gathering, maintain database and mapping activities. Making county road signs as requested by the County Commissioners. Work with other county agencies to resolve address related problems within the county. Act as a single point of contact with Heart of Texas Council of Government (HOTCOG) on all 911 Addressing related questions.

All Alone by the Telephone

It's a one person office so if I am out on a job, please leave a message. Don't forget your name and phone number. When I return, I will get back to you.

Need a Address?

It's not a hard process, so relax. First get together all the information you have about your property, location, neighbors addresses relative to your gate location. Be ready to describe your gate or gate location so I can find it. The second time gets more complicated changing things than getting it right the first time. Now call me and lets talk about your needs. After I am satisfied that I can find the location I will go out there and record the GPS data an determine the number for you. When I get back to the office I will call you with your new address. See that is easy.

Why do I need a 911 Address?

Now this does get complicated. Why go through all this mess to get an address when I can just pick out a number between my neighbors and go from there. That's easy and no trouble.
Okay, let's think about this. You are on a ladder in your home and fall off. You are hurt and call for help. If we have assigned your 911 address the exact location is recorded in the 911 office and they can direct help to you directly. If the information is not there help must drive down the road looking at mailboxes or gate signs to find you. I think our way is best and if you are hurting I am sure you would agree. Our way is easy and it doesn't cost you anything but a little time. I am not doing anything, so why not call me. I'd like to talk to you anyway.