Juanita Miller, District Clerk

Office of the District Clerk

110 South Main, Room 209
P O Box 674

Meridian, TX 76665


Robin Hamilton, Chief Deputy Clerk

Kelly Anderson, Deputy Clerk

Catherine Shepard, Deputy Clerk

Abigail Ernstes, Records Preservation Clerk







Bosque County District Clerk's Office now accepts E-Filing. Please visit for more information.

E-File Business Process


**Mandatory E-file July 1, 2016-for Attorneys***if you come to office with paperwork you will be asked to e-file***

Duties and Responsibilities of the District Clerk

The District Clerk is the Clerk to the 220th Judicial District Court and County Court At Law
The District Court hears Civil (over $100,000) property tax cases, cases involving trust, felony criminal cases, and domestic relation matters which include divorces, annulments, adoptions, receiving and distributing child support payments and maintaining a record of child support payments.
The County Court at Law hears Civil (under $100,000), domestic relation matters which include divorces, annulments, adoptions, CPS, and juveniles.
The District Clerk also participates in the jury wheel, reconstitution jury wheels, certifying jury lists, and arranging for juries.
The District Clerk does not handle passports those are referred to local post office.