On-Site Sewage Facility Permits

110 South Main
P O Box 647
Meridian, TX 76665


For more information, please contact the above office at the Bosque County Courthouse, suite 106.

Bosque County Environmental assists  citizens in issues/concerns and processes On-Site Sewage Facilities permit application forms.

  • On-Site Sewage Facilities:
    • All Construction of, Alteration, Extension or Repair to, On-Site Sewage Facilities shall be permitted and inspected, regardless of the size of the tract of land.
    • An OSSF Permit is required for all systems unless it was 'Grandfathered' which means it was installed before September 1, 1989.
    • All systems, other than standard treatment tanks, are required to have a current maintenance contract on file with the county
    • Inspection reports, required every 4 months, must be submitted to the county within 10 days of the inspection being performed.  



Download Application for On-Site Sewage Facility
TCEQ-0235(rev 09/01/2011)

Download List of Area Installers / Evaluators
Partial Provider List

TCEQ Order
On-Site Sewage Facility Order 2021